… Are all your internal and external processes certified several times? … No? … Then I recommend that you close down immediately!

What exactly do you produce?

… Oh, Textiles, … printed by hand – with screens and squeegees -, aha-aha! … and how many employees does your company have? … Excuse me? … None? … How do you expect to fulfill the gender standards of our time? … Have you discussed this with your doctor? … You must have fully implemented gender mainstreaming in your factory, then you can open your store again!

So, … then put some effort into it! … By the way: You do realize that THE FASHION has gotten out of fashion?

Nayo © Christoph Gysin

The world of Tiprego has settled in the old storage cellar of the rum import company Coruba, in a place where the spirit of history blows, completely detached from the madness of today. Because:

Textile printing is and will remain our focus.

Down here in the basement, we’ve built our imposing printing table and, of course, we have a sprawling color repertoire which enables a sheer infinity of mixtures.

In addition to our own textile designs, products, hand screen printing, we provide the realization of customer’s individual wishes. New innovative projects and ideas are highly welcome, within the limits of their technical feasibility. We maintain cooperations with various regional and international partners from different fields, get inspired by the works of contemporary artists, always keep an eye on the developments in the wide field of design. Because:

We are open-minded and curious — about everything, every day.

We don’t want to change the universe of textiles, we just want to make it more colorful. And if Planet Tiprego constantly revolves around small editions and the careful selection of materials and colors, in fact everything revolves around the revival of a craft.

With one restriction: We don’t do black on white – just as we don’t print light on dark.

Rum Coruba Advertising, around 1944.

By its very existence, Tiprego affords itself a luxury. That is why we can only be satisfied with the highest quality, immediately followed by the next escalation stage. Because:

We don’t do cheap junk.

Reactive and acid dyes are our standard. The standard in textile printing since 1856 when Sir William Henry Perkin, British chemist and entrepreneur, accidentally discovered the Mauveine dye.

Tiprego is based in Basel, that ultimately became a chemical center because the patent protection on aniline dyes did not take effect in Switzerland. In the end, «Big Pharma» developed from the producers of these dyes. Our great-granduncle Hilli, who worked as a dye representative in Lyon, could probably not have imagined that at the time.

We could certainly extend the historical excursion, but please remember this: Our textiles are washed with a normal detergent, the silk ideally is handwashed.

Achilles «Hilli» Baumgartner, *7.3.1862 †31.3.1918

Our clientele consists mainly of consumers and gourmets who enjoy high-quality textiles or are looking for a fine gift. But not only. Because:

You can also get in on the action.

Whether as a client for extravagant, crazy, limited product series or as a financier who wants to give craftsmanship a chance. Tiprego is also there for anyone who wants to get hands-on and just explore how all of this works.

We are happy to seriously deal with your fantasies. We also want to implement your own color scheme with you, because that is one of our specialities. Our in-house atlas contains over 25 000 color samples and very quickly the choices will become an agony. It’s no wonder we offer profound professional color advice on site, as a guide through a territory of inexhaustible possibilities.

Textile design, pattern drawing, color mixing, printing. Do you have a specific project in mind? Or do you want to let off steam creatively on the fabric, take part in a Printing-Jam-Session? Tiprego also offers extensive screen printing workshops, including customized ones, for groups of three or more. We’re happy to share our knowledge. Because:

Togetherness promotes creative energies.

Enjoy the website and finding gifts in our shop … but remember … the world has gone digital …

Tiprego — ma non troppo.