250 CHF

Limited edition (6 spec.)|Colors by Tiprego

20 Exchange Place

El Disco Mágico


100 % Silk, Twill

90 x 90 cm

Hand-rolled border

250 CHF

Limited edition (6 spec.)|Colors by Tiprego

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On Wednesdays, when he’s not busy on Tour with his DJ-Set Hotfoot from In Flagranti, Alex Gloor comes to our workshop. Sometimes he brings ideas into the house. That’s how El Disco Mágico emerged. Alex showed us a black and white photocopy from his immense archive and we promptly transformed the copy-paste study into three screens. The candy colors we mixed in represent a reminiscence of popular fairground rides of the 1970s and also of the Spanish disco scene of the same era. The grey-gray is not only found in the New York skyline.

Let me tell you a story: