740 CHF

Unique specimen, made from two foulards.

Champs de Graisse

Espace Du Monde

Tailored tunic

100 % Silk, Twill

Size 40

Couture Susann Littwin

740 CHF

Unique specimen, made from two foulards.

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The Basler Wirrgarten Foundation which cares for people suffering from dementia, celebrated its 20th birthday. Our contribution to the celebration was the production of this foulard. We made it in collaboration with the designer Andreas Kreienbühl and our color specialist Martina Böhler. All the magic is based on the fact that the design template was put into a 90 degree shape, so the square screen could be rotated by 90 degrees and thus be used in four different ways: horizontal, vertical, top, bottom. This is the cause of the fact that each of the foulards has four different color combinations, a different one in each corner.

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