Mich F*** Dich

29.10.18 | As always, it is the need from which the wonderful emerges.

Fidel Peugeot drew «Mich F*** Dich» for our exhibition «Modern Primitives» and as a memento of the digital memory of Tiprego, a mirroring hard drives, which was electrocuted in August 2018.

The 1st coloring were made in 2018 by five Good Old Friends, all in their prime and always ready to wear their foulard as a headscarf.

Meanwhile, interested customers have benefited from our offer and have their Personal Foulard printed with their favorite colors.

And at the end of the year 2019 we got a visit from Mexico. Our Senior Textile Colorist Martina Böhler gave us her own color inspirations. We call it: Municipio Mexicali.